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Working in an outstanding place


East Devon has 5,500 businesses and one in eight people are in business one way or
another.  Through our Business Centre and business parks, our planning role, and
our projects and services, the Council is here to accommodate, guide, and work with
the local business community across the district.  The delivery of the West End
developments is a vital part of our strategy to help create investment and well-paid jobs.
This will balance the predominantly low-paid work available in our district in the
tourism and agricultural industries.  We still run our day-to-day services:

  • Working with employers and training providers to give our workers and young people a competitive edge in going for local jobs and volunteering opportunities - bringing more money into the district, keeping skilled workers here, and giving you people more reason to stay here, work, and raise families.
  • Supporting the visitor economy and increasing the number and variety of job opportunities by using the natural assets of the district - this will strengthen and widen our tourism base throughout the year without damaging the outstanding beauty of the East Devon environment.
  • Providing business support, innovation ideas, networking opportunities, and training for small and medium size businesses and lobbying on their behalf for important infrastructure and funding.
  • Making sure that the family farms and estates of the district are supported.

EON Building

What else will we be doing?

  • Use funds raised from major developments to pursue comprehensive and professional marketing campaigns to support the tourism industry and attract businesses and visitors to the area.
  • Find ways to promote new inward investment.
  • Promote a green industry agenda for the district and its potential to secure a sustainable future for the East Devon community.
  • Extend the SWITCH project providing employment skills for young people outside Exmouth and promoting apprenticeships in association with Bicton College and other educational institutions.
  • Work with the new Local Enterprise Partnership to help deliver economic growth.
  • See the E.On combined heat and power plant completed to service Cranbrook, Skypark and the Intermodal Freight Terminal.
  • See super-fast broadband Internet connections extending along the A30 corridor.
  • Have secured funds to maintain a Revolving Infrastructure Fund to support incoming housing and commercial development in the district.

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Page last updated on 14 November 2014