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Tackling Antisocial Behaviour - Our Pledge to You

The East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership recognises that antisocial behaviour is a matter that can affect the quality of life of individuals, families and communities.

The East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership includes your local Police, District Council, Fire Service, Probation Service, Health and Youth/ Education services. We have the skills and resources to support you in both tackling and solving issues in your area.

We want every person to be able to enjoy their homes and neighbourhood peacefully and safely. We will use the full range of powers and resources available, including both criminal and civil action where appropriate, to ensure that we take a stand against anyone engaged in behaviour that threatens peace and safety.

Our aim is to ensure that residents and visitors understand that antisocial behaviour does not need to be tolerated. East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership aims to reduce the perception of antisocial behaviour in your area year on year. We will continue to offer a wide range of activities working together with young people encouraging alternatives to antisocial behaviour, positive intervention at the earliest opportunity and effective enforcement where necessary.

We encourage you to report all instances of antisocial behaviour.

Local Contact Details:

  • The Police non emergency telephone number is 101 (24 hours).
  • To report noise nuisance, litter, abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, dog fouling:
    East Devon District Council 01395 516551 or email the Customer Services Dept on (0830 to 1700 Monday to Friday) .
  • For general advice contact the Community Safety and Anti Social Co-ordinators:
    East Devon: Gerry Moore on 01395 273802 or email (0800 to 1600 Monday to Friday).

If you are not happy with what is done in response to you reporting antisocial behaviour and have approached the lead agency with no success, you have a right of complaint and should bring this to the attention of the Community Safety Partnership directly. Please contact either Gerry Moore  whose details are shown above.

As a Partnership we want to deliver the best service we can for you. If we fail to meet the standards we have set, we will always explain why it wasn’t possible to do so on that particular occasion.

Reporting or Witnessing Antisocial Behaviour.

What can you expect?

Our Pledge to You

  1. We will treat you fairly, with dignity and respect at all times. All reports of antisocial behaviour will be taken seriously, recorded and investigated appropriately.
  2. If you report antisocial behaviour that does not require an immediate response, we will contact you within 3 working days to determine the nature of your problem and the level of support required.
  3. When appropriate and necessary, we shall pass on reports of antisocial behaviour without delay to the agency/agencies best placed to respond. We will maintain a close working relationship with them to resolve the reported issue.
  4. Whether you are a victim or witness, we will support you fully and keep you informed of any progress made in the management or investigation of your case.
  5. If you report antisocial behaviour, we will provide appropriate services and support and you will be given the name of the lead agency case worker. If it is identified that you or your family has any special circumstances, disability or vulnerability, we will support you. Any criminal offences committed will be investigated fully.
  6. We will meet regularly to share information in order to identify problem areas, known offenders and victims.
  7. We will keep you informed about what is happening within your neighbourhood. This may be through neighbourhood newsletters, PACT meetings and key agency websites
  8. We encourage you to participate in community initiatives such as:
  • Partners And Communities Together (PACT). These are partnership meetings designed to identify specific issues for your area and provide feedback as to action taken.
  • Community Partnerships
  • Community/Neighbourhood Watch Schemes
  • Residents’ Associations or similar

For more info please visit the Neighbourhood Policing web site.

Page last updated on 31 July 2014