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Business Waste and Recycling

Schedule 2 Waste Collections

We can collect waste and recycling if the property has been identified as what is known as a schedule 2 property, these are properties which are either holiday homes, guest houses, universities, schools, and other educational establishments, charity shops, residential homes and campsites.

East Devon District Council have made changes to the services for refuse and recycling collections, where refuse and recycling bins have been provided as part of the service, it may be historically you have received the service free of charge until recently.

This means we can still provide you with a refuse and recycling collection service at a charge to you.  Please see charges below:

These charges are based on the collection service per annum, wheeled bins and boxes are provided by East Devon District Council.

1 x 180 litre wheeled bin £181.13 (Inc vat and disposal from 1 April 2014)
1 x 240 litre wheeled bin £255.92 (Inc vat and disposal from 1 April 2014)
1 x 660 litre wheeled bin £538.83 (Inc vat and disposal from 1 April 2014)
1 x 1100 litre wheeled bin £821.32 (Inc vat and disposal from 1 April 2014)

Refuse collections are operating on a fortnightly basis and recycling and food waste collections are operating on a weekly basis which is the system used by East Devon District Council. Whilst the charges above are for the collection and disposal of waste the provision and collection of recycling boxes and food waste containers are provided as a standard part of the service.

Please note, if your business has been claiming Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR) prior to  6th April 2012 you may be entitled to a reduced rate of the above charges for collections.

Village halls and places of worship

Please contact the Customer Service Team and we can provide the standard provisions free of charge. If you require more than the standard refuse provisions the charges above will apply.

Commercial waste and recycling

East Devon District Council does not provide a commercial waste collection service for those not under Schedule 2 as the cost of collection and disposal of commercial waste is not included in the business rates.
If you would like your commercial waste collected, you need to contact a private contractor, through telephone directory or local newspaper. Details of private waste management companies can also be found on the Environment Agencies online Waste Recycling Directory.

Garden waste and cardboard for small businesses

Devon County Council can recycle garden waste and cardboard from small businesses through its Recycling Centres in Exmouth and Honiton using a prepaid ticket scheme.  For further information please contact DCC's Waste Management Team on 0845 1551010 or visit Devon County Councils website.


All businesses in the UK must comply with Section 34 of the 'Duty Of Care' provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The act requires you as a business to take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised deposit, treatment and disposal of your waste. This means that if you operate a business you must:

  • Ensure that a person or company that collects your waste holds a current waste carriers licence.
  • Describe the waste you are having collected, how it is packed - whether loose or in a container, and if it is in a container, what type (a container can be a plastic sack)
  • Hold a waste transfer note, issued by the carrier detailing the waste collected for disposal (the waste transfer note can be issued for each collection or issued annually)
  • Know where your waste will finally be disposed of and retain your waste transfer note for 2 years.
  • If you dispose of your own waste you must be able to say where and how.

Page last updated on 31 July 2014