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Care Proceedings & Protection Orders

Every local authority has a duty to make sure that children (and young people) are helped to grow and develop in safe, secure and supportive surroundings. Each local authority must provide a wide range of services to help this to happen – this includes direct services such as housing, education and social services, as well as services which are arranged with others, such as health.

In East Devon, the social services authority is Devon County Council. (insert weblink to relevant place.) However, this Council is involved in many initiatives which support the development of young people, for example, through leisure facilities.

Sometimes the County Council becomes so concerned about the health, welfare or safety of some children that it needs to take legal steps. It might apply to a Court to begin the process of care proceedings which would give the County Council the power to take decisions in the best interests of the child.

Emergency protection orders are granted for:

  • individual applicants, where the child will suffer significant harm if not removed
  • local authorities, where enquiries are being made for other orders, and where these enquiries are being frustrated or unreasonably refused.
  • authorised persons, where there is reasonable cause to suspect, or likelihood of, significant harm

If you need legal help and advice in this area, please go to the following links

Community Legal service

Citizens’ Advice Bureau. 

Page last updated on 28 January 2015