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Published Exmouth Splash consultation results show wide range of views

Exmouth Splash

Monday 18 February

Published Exmouth Splash consultation results show wide range of views

EDDC is today (Monday 18 February) publishing the findings of the Exmouth Splash public consultation, held between November 2012 and January 2013.

Over 500 completed questionnaires came back to EDDC revealing a wide spread of opinion and comment from residents, businesses, organisations and visitors on each of the main consultation issues.

These included proposals for play and recreation areas, a watersports hub, new cafes and restaurants and re-aligning the road.

When asked for a general opinion, 52% of those who responded said they did like the overall proposals and 41% said they did not. A further 7% did not express a preference either way.

The most popular parts of the ‘Exmouth Splash’ proposal were the watersports hub, moving the road and Exmouth ‘needing to develop and move on’.

Of those people who didn’t like the proposal, the main concern was that it would lose Exmouth its natural character and open seafront, and it would look the same as all other seaside towns. Some also said that the facilities already there should simply be re-furbished.

Headline results concerning each section of the Splash proposals are included at the end of this release.

EDDC councillors and officers are now studying the range of responses carefully to see how they might help shape the final planning application for ‘Exmouth Splash’, due to be submitted in March.

“We are grateful that so many people took the time to give us their detailed thoughts about the Exmouth Splash proposal and how it might be improved,” said Councillor Andrew Moulding, Chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Programme Board.

Wide range

“In most cases there is a wide range of views and comments made about each of the proposed developments. Some are in favour, some are against. At each end of the spectrum some want us to just get on with it while others believe everything should be left as it is.

“This means we have some hard choices ahead to make Exmouth Splash the best it can be. We are still studying the detail closely before deciding how to shape the final proposal. We will incorporate as many suggestions as we can, although clearly it looks like we can’t satisfy everyone.”

Detailed responses to the consultation are now published and can be seen on-line at

For further press information please contact the Council’s Press Office on:

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East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8HL

Page last updated on 18 February 2013