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Council Services

The Council’s ambition

The Council is ambitious for the district and its residents. We live in a beautiful part of the world, with much of the district being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – the designation given by Natural England to the UK’s finest landscapes. Our appreciation of this runs through the culture of the Council and is reflected in our ambition to keep East Devon an outstanding place. At the same time, we must look after our residents’ needs for jobs and homes and will continue to plan for a sustainable future.

The Council’s purpose

To achieve our ambition and to meet the expectations of residents, businesses, and visitors, we have agreed two clear purposes that underpin all the work of our services and councillors: delivering outstanding service and planning for the future of our district. We run outstanding services that deliver directly to customers – providing homes and benefits for people, making decisions about applications for planning permission requests, and designing and maintaining beautiful parks, gardens, and nature reserves. These frontline services have been completely redesigned to cut out waste and tailor service delivery to what matters to each person. We call this ‘systems thinking’.

This focus on the customer has led to better customer satisfaction, more efficient services, and happy staff who know that they now compare with the best in the country. (Please see our performance reports on the performance page.) We plan for the future of the district – pulling in private and public sector money to make sure there are the jobs, homes, and quality places for a balanced population, healthy local economy, and outstanding environment. We support our town centres and are investing in the new community at Cranbrook, and are supporting infrastructure to put jobs close to the people. We have also invested in Local Nature Reserves and in our countryside and coast to enhance people’s enjoyment of our wonderful natural assets.

Page last updated on 28 January 2015