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Planning Services

Alteration to planning fees:

With effect from 31st July 2014, the Government introduced fees for applications for determination whether prior approval for Change of Use from shops, financial and professional services, or from agricultural buildings to dwelling house. These fees are as follows:

£80 - for Change of Use only

£172 - for Change of Use and carryout building operations

The revised fees sheet can be obtained here.

Prior Notification form

Please view the householder extension prior notification form via the planning portal:

  • Notification of a Proposed Change Notification of a Proposed Change of Use to Dwelling(s)
  • Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use to State Funded School
  • Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a flexible use within Shops, Financial and Professional services, Restaurants and Cafes, Business, Storage or Distribution, Hotels, or Assembly or Leisure

With effect of 30 May 2013, secondary legislation for an extension or addition to your house under permitted development and not requiring an application for planning permission.  This means that extensions of between four and eight metres for detached houses and between three and six metres for all other houses are eligible under this scheme.  Subject to the following limits and conditions:

  • The property is not a Listed Building or in the curtilage of a listed building
  • in a Conservation Area, AONB or in a SSSI.

The Government Technical Guidance document is being updated to reflect the larger extension permitted development changes which came into force on 30 May 2013. It will be re-published in due course.

View Planning Applications and Decisions online

The following link: Planning Online Service allows you to:

  • View Planning Applications, Planning Appeals and Planning Enforcements on-line.
  • Submit comments about planning applications. Our PDF file Guide for Objectors (101KB Portable Document Format - 08 July 2014 - PDF Help) provides information about how to object to a planning application as well as detailing the factors which can be taken into consideration during the determination of a planning application.
  • View representations made about planning applications.
  • View lists of planning applications received and decisions made.
  • View maps showing planning related information.


1. It may take up to 3 working days for plans and documents associated with planning applications to be loaded onto the Planning Online service.

2. Letters and plans which were received in relation to historic applications may not have been scanned yet. In such instances, these documents are held on the paper file at the Council's office in Sidmouth and can be viewed there. In certain circumstances, there may be a charge for this.

3. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that records are accurate the records do not constitute legally binding documentation and the Council will not be liable for any errors.

Development Management

The Planning Portal - Submit Planning Applications On-line

The Planning Portal is the UK Government's on-line planning and building control regulations resource for England and Wales. Click here to access the planning portal.

To contact the Planning Portal, please click here for details.

Other Useful links

South West Planning Aid provides free and independent planning advice to people and community groups throughout the South West who cannot afford a planning consultant. South West Planning Aid can be contacted via their website or on 0870 850 9807.

Note: East Devon District Council accepts no responsibility for the content of external web-sites.

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