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Performance Monitoring

Performance management is about good management, ensuring that the Council achieves what it has set out in the Council Plan on time and on budget.

Current performance is reported monthly to the Cabinet and quarterly to the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The Monthly Performance Report monitors the progress of selected performance measures and provides a snapshot of performance for the month. These reports can be accessed on the Monthly Performance Monitoring Page

The Quarterly Performance Monitoring Report is focused on how we are doing against the priorities and objectives in the Council Plan and individual objectives from our service plans and are available to view on the Quarterly Performance Monitoring Page.  

An Annual Report shows what has been achieved in the year and what still needs to be achieved for the next year. The report for 2012-13 is available to view on the Annual Reporting Page

New Council Plan and Forward Performance Planning 2012-16

The PDF file Council Plan 2012-16 (1918KB Portable Document Format - 07 March 2012 - PDF Help) sets out the main priorities for the Council and will form the focus of what the Council aims to achieve in 2012-16.

Our priorities and promises for 2012-13 are summarised in the PDF file EDDC Promises 2012-13 (20KB Portable Document Format - 07 August 2012 - PDF Help) document. Our progress towards our promises will be reported on quarterly and also within the Annual Report 2013.

There are three major plans that sit alongside the Council Plan which are available to view on the Plans and Strategies Page. These are Customer, Information Technology and Communications.

Each service has a Service Plan which supports the overarching Council Plan. These will form the basis of the monthly and quarterly performance reports for 2012-13. The Service Plans 2012-15 are available to view on the Plans and Strategies Page

Page last updated on 28 January 2015