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Speak Now

Contact: Jamie Buckley
Phone (01395) 517569

Join 'Speak Now' and have your say!

What is 'Speak Now'?
Speak Now is a group of East Devon resident's that are regularly asked for their views on Council services and life in East Devon. It gives people the opportunity to make their views heard on local issues and to take an active part in the decision making process.

What would I have to do?
Speak Now members are invited to give us their views in a variety of ways ranging from focus groups, postal questionnaires, meetings, special interest groups and more. You choose the activities you would like to be involved in. There is no pressure and it is up to you to choose your level of involvement. You can remove yourself from the group at any time.

What will I get in return for my involvement?
You will received regular information about how your views have helped to influence local issues.

How do I join?
To find out how to get involved, please contact Jamie Buckley on (01395) 517569, e-mail or to join you can complete the online joining form:
The details of Speak Now members are kept in accordance with the Council's Data Protection Policy.

Page last updated on 31 July 2014