Further Information about Unilateral Undertakings

How much will it cost?

Open Space

How much you pay for play, recreation or open spaces depends on whether you're:

  • contributing towards enhancements to existing facilities; or
  • providing new facilities on site.

Indicative costs are set out in the table below, but you should check with us for a more definite figure.

Size of dwelling Previous fee. New fee for Urban Areas (from 01/04/13). New fee for Rural Areas (from 01/04/13).
1 bedroom. £2,558.78 £2,106.00 £1,737.00
2 - 4 bedrooms. £3,698.81 £3,044.88 £2,498.76
5 or more bedrooms. £4,236.73 £3,410.00 £2,795.00

The parishes of Exmouth, Ottery St. Mary, Sidmouth, Honiton, Seaton and Axminster are classed as 'Urban'. All other parishes within East Devon are classed as 'Rural'.

Habitat Mitigation

This is a flat rate contribution at £350 per dwelling which is payable on new dwellings within 10km of the Exe Estuary. For further information go to the Exe Estuary Mitigation page.

What do I need to send in?

When you submit your draft undertaking, you'll have to make sure you've included all the relevant documentation. You'll need to return the following documents:

  • One original, signed undertaking;

There are now 2 templates depending on the required contributions:

Word Document Open space contribution only (74KB Microsoft Word - 12 March 2014) and Word Document Open space and Exe Estuary Mitigation Contribution. (74KB Microsoft Word - 29 January 2014)

  • A cheque for £50, made payable to East Devon District Council, to cover registration costs.

If you have any further questions, please contact us before submitting your application.

Page last updated on 12 March 2014