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Private Sector Voluntary Acquisition

This is intended as a general guide on how the scheme operates. The registered social landlord administering the scheme will provide you with a more detailed set of instructions current at the date of your application

It is important to understand that the scheme does not apply to all tenants as it is up to the landlord whether it takes part in the scheme and some properties may be excluded. The scheme does not provide any statutory right to purchase.

If your landlord does operate the scheme, your eligibility will depend on:

  • whether there are sufficient funds available to provide the discounts
  • you meeting the qualifying criteria for the scheme
  • the property you occupy being included in the scheme

Because funds are limited your landlord may restrict the number of application forms it sends to tenants. Your landlord should tell you whether funds are available and if a waiting list applies.

Page last updated on 28 January 2015