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Young People

Long term vision

We want to work with young people and children recognising that they're a minority in East Devon. The four areas we will concentrate on are:

  • consulting with children and young people,
  • rewarding and recognising the efforts and achievements of children and young people,
  • providing services for young people,
  • protecting children and young people.

The County Council are the responsible body for these things but we will assist where we can.

The position now and key challenges we face

We've continued to develop meaningful links with young people through the Youth Service and Youth Parliament, and by involving young people in design decisions for play areas, regeneration, as well as links on local democracy, arts, countryside, press reports and work with schools.

We continue to develop these links, and work closely with Devon County Council which has the main responsibility in this field of work, to make sure we continue to recognise the important role young people play in our community.

Member "champion" for children and young people

We have appointed a Member Champion, Councillor Mrs Christine Drew, for this priority. She would be pleased to hear from young people about their experiences or issues about living in East Devon.

Working with the County's Children's and Young People's Services (CYPS)

Devon CYPS has a multi-agency Children's Trust that's looking to achieve against national priorities to support the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda and particularly:

  • Children in care.
  • Children with special needs (for example physical disability).
  • Narrowing the gap in attainment between the lowest 20% and other children.
  • Integrating youth support services.
  • Places to go and things to do for young people.
  • Parenting skills.

Particularly relating to the first priority, there are new duties on the Trust (not just the County Council) to act far more in the manner that a parent would act, to ensure that their child achieved most in life.

Whilst District Councils may work with CYPS in a small way on many aspects of the plan, the most likely interactions are:

  • Ensuring the most vulnerable have appropriate homes.
  • Helping to ensure there are things to do (including play) and places to go.
  • Engaging children and young people in the planning development and improvement of services.
  • Achieving more equitable access to provision for children across the County (including transport).
  • Reducing concerns over bullying so that wherever they are children and young people feel safe.
  • Helping to ensure good physical and emotional literacy (physical and social activity).

Websites for Young People

There are various other websites targeted specifically at young people in the region. East Devon District council hold no responsibility for the content of these pages.

Connexions is the government's support service for all young people aged 13 to 19 in England.

Devon Children’s Trust is a partnership between statutory and voluntary agencies delivering children's services in Devon. It is dedicated to improving outcomes for those children and young people who, because of a disability, or their personal or family circumstances, need ‘that little bit more’ if they are to realise their full potential.

Devon Youth Association website.

EDP drug and alcohol services website.

Grants for Adventures

The Pain Trust is a Registered Charity (No. 2766700) based in Exmouth, Devon, which provides financial assistance to boys and young men, aged 11 to 21 years, who live in the East Devon area or eight miles from Exmouth Town Hall to the east of the River Exe.

In order to qualify for funding you need to be planning to undertake an adventure or activity programme, which meets our award criteria. So, if you are looking for a challenge or adventure, and want to know more about The Pain Trust, here is your chance!

The equivalent trust for girls is the Adventure Trust for Girls contact -

Play and Recreation

Apart from our Sports and Leisure facilities which are run by Leisure East Devon, we have many other play and recreation areas. These are listed on the Play Areas page of our website.

East Devon Play Network

You can also visit the East Devon Play Network is a group of professionals who have an interest or background within Playwork.

The Network aims to advertise play events and good work happening within our local communities, sharing good practice and new initiatives and pinpointing possible funds that may be available.

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