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East Devon District Council Plan

The PDF file Council Plan 2012-16 (2014 refresh) (2152KB Portable Document Format - 15 April 2014 - PDF Help) sets out the main priorities for the Council and will form the focus of what the Council aims to achieve in 2012-16.

Our ambition set out in the Council Plan is:

  • Living in an outstanding place
  • Working in an outstanding place
  • Enjoying this outstanding place
  • Outstanding Council

There are four strategies that sit alongside the Council Plan which are available to view on the Plans and Strategies Page.

About East Devon District Council

Councillor Paul Diviani

of the Council

Cllr Paul Diviani

Councillor Andrew Moulding

Deputy Leader
of the Council

Cllr Andrew Moulding

Councillor Graham Godbeer

of the Council

Cllr Graham Godbeer

Councillor Christine Drew

Vice Chairman
of the Council

Cllr Christine Drew

Mr Mark Williams

Chief Executive

Mr Mark Williams

Mr Richard Cohen

Deputy Chief Executive

Mr Richard Cohen

Additional information

Elections The electoral process, including a list of PDF file electoral wards (8KB Portable Document Format - 13 April 2005 - PDF Help) and the councillors elected. You can also view the results of recent elections held in East Devon.
Finance Statements and reports relating to the Council’s finances.
Petitions Find out about the Council's petition scheme
Public Involvement The Speak Now public involvement project for East Devon.
Staff Senior salaries and information and Numbers of staff employed by the Council

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