Working safely

Guidance has been published to help people get safely back to work.

There are workplace guidance documents available under Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance.

To get ready to open retail businesses, you can read guidance for shops and branches.

BEIS has published a toolkit that local businesses can use. A downloadable notice is included in the documents, which employers should display in their workplaces to show their employees, customers and other visitors that they have followed this guidance. In this toolkit, you can also download posters and images to use on your digital channels.

Employers can now also access a number of free webinars addressing the challenges in different types of workplaces.

Employers can read a short guide to working safely, a guide on talking with your workers about preventing coronavirus and further information on managing risks and risk assessment at work.  

Watch a short video on how retail can be COVID safe

Cleaning of non-healthcare settings 

The Government has issued revised guidance for businesses on how to safety clean areas in non-healthcare settings such as: workplaces, offices, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, student accommodation.

Test and Trace service

Read new guidance for employers, businesses and workers on the test and trace service.