Guide East Devon parishes: villages and rural areas

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37. Huxham

Huxham Parish Meeting

Jim, the Parish Chair of Huxham Meeting has created a contact sheet which has been circulated to all virtually all Huxham residents giving names and contact details of all those Parishioners willing to provide help. Anyone requiring assistance be it with shopping, collecting medicines or needing social or other support is encouraged to reach out to those residents, or failing that, or if you'd like to volunteer, email Jim:


If you live in Ratisloe please contact Michael Conder by email: or call 01392 841 738 / 07527 805 239.


Disclaimer: Please note we have not carried out safeguarding checks on any of these community / voluntary groups. 

This information is a work in progress and is going to be updated as it changes or new information is received. If you’re aware of anything that needs updating, adding or changing please email