You can search for a planning application, enforcement action or a planning appeal by address, postcode or map - or look at applications by week or month.

You can also make comments about an application, or track and set up alerts for new planning applications in your area of interest.

If you wish to make comments about an application, you can only make comments relating to 'planning considerations'. These, for example, include matters such as:

  • The impact of a proposal on your property;
  • The proposed design and materials;
  • Issues relating to vehicular access and parking;
  • Impact on trees;
  • Noise issues, or
  • Concerns about flooding.

Note:  We may remove comments if we feel that they are defamatory or malicious.

There are also matters which are not classed as 'planning considerations' and, therefore, cannot be considered in the determination of an application. Examples of such matters include:

  • Loss of value to your property;
  • Loss of a view;
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes, or;
  • The impact of a proposal on private drainage systems.